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  2. 18631 SE 300th Place Covington, WA 98042 Phone: 253-631-0565 Fax: 253-630-4825
  6. Please note: If you are enrolled in autopay for this account, please remember to remove your autopay to prevent unintentional payments.
  7. All District property owners maintain legal responsibility for all charges billed to their account. The District will continue to bill the property owner for service and a duplicate billing will be sent to “Resident’ at the property address.
  8. Most residential services are billed on a bi-monthly basis. It is common to have a crossover in billing cycles when tenants move in or out. The District does not provide pro-rated billing nor do we open or close accounts for tenants moving in or out. A tenant’s first and last bill amount will need to be coordinated between the owner and tenant. The easiest method to use when determining a prorated bill amount is to take the actual billed amount divided by the number of days in the bill cycle (found on your billing statement) and multiply that by the number of days the tenant resided in the home.
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