Covington Water District


18631 SE 300th Place
Covington, WA 98042

18631 SE 300th Place
Covington, WA 98042





Monday - Friday 8am to 4:30pm

Customer Service Department 

Name Title Email Phone
Cavallo, Brandi Customer Support Representative 253-867-0874
Crawford, Dan Meter Technician 253-867-0956
Garasevic, Marinko Meter Technician 253-867-0881
Guest, Chris Customer Service Supervisor 253-867-0947
Peters, Leticia Customer Support Representative 253-867-0877

Engineering Department 

Name Title Email Phone
Boren, Leslie Project Coordinator 253-867-0876
Buck, Shawn GIS Engineering Analyst  
Cherry, Crystal Project Coordinator-Water Availability Certificate 253-867-0923
Lee, Steve Engineering Manager 253-867-0940
Malphrus, Tom Project Engineer 253-867-0906
Ott, Eric Design Engineer 253-867-0875
Tablada, Federico Construction Engineer 253-867-0924
Velasco, Mike GIS Coordinator 253-867-0942

General Manager 

Name Title Email Phone
Keown, Thomas General Manager 253-867-0901

Operations Department 

Name Title Email Phone
Anderson, Austin Water Facility Technician 253-867-0962
Arthur, Tony Water Facility Technician 253-867-0952
Benson, Dale Water Treatment Specialist 253-867-0945
Fontana, Chris Water Facility Technician 253-867-0909
Harris, Jordan Water Facility Technician 253-867-0869
Hermsen, Cameron Excavation Lead 253-867-0883
Howard, Tyler Maintenance Lead 253-867-0951
Huizenga, Tom Water Facility Technician 253-867-0958
Josie, Billy Facility Water Technician  
Loch, Dan Water Facility Technician 253-867-0954
Sas, Andrew Water Facility Technician 253-867-0948
Sleeth, Dan Operations Manager 253-867-0950
Stockman, Glenn Water Quality Lead 253-867-0944

Administration Department 

Name Title Email Phone
Christie, Lisa Administrative Support Specialist 253-867-0905
Jones, Denzel Business Analyst 253-867-0873
Smith, Karen Executive Assistant to the General Manager 253-867-0901

Finance Department 

Name Title Email Phone
Faulconer, Pam Finance Technician 253-867-0918
Sleeth, Caren Finance Manager 253-867-0890
Kump, Lori Finance Technician 253-867-0895
Stodola, Amerika Finance Analyst 253-867-0892

Information Technology Department 

Name Title Email Phone
Zager, Kurt Network Manager 253-867-0897