Billing for Rentals

All Covington Water District accounts are required to be in the name of the legal property owner.

The District does not bill renters, only owners. For non-owner occupied residences, reminder and disconnect notices are mailed to the service address in the name of "Resident".

Update Tenant Information

At the owner's request a copy of the bill can also be mailed to "Resident" at the service address. Please note that the District reads residential meters every two months for billing. If your tenant moves in or out in the middle of the billing cycle we do not read the meter or create a prorated bill. However, the District will help you prorate an amount if you or your tenant reads the meter and calls the District during business hours.

If the property is served by two meters, then both meter readings need to be called in. A Customer Service Technician will then give you a verbal estimate based on the reading(s) called in.


Other numbers you may need that are not related to your water service:

  • Allied Garbage Phone: 253-872-7220
  • Puget Sound Energy Phone: 888-225-5773
  • Soos Creek Water & Sewer Phone: 253-630-9900