Web Test Entry

Testers are now required to enter their test reports in our new web test portal. Usernames and passwords have been provided by the District. If you have forgotten your login credentials click here to send an email to the District requesting your username and password.

For more information on the Web Test Portal please see the "Related Documents" below.

For more information regarding cross connection please contact the District's Cross Connection Specialist at 253-867-0944.

A New Way to Submit Tests

  1. Test the backflow assembly
  2. Log into the Utility website
  3. Enter the hazard ID number to locate the backflow assembly
  4. Enter test results (on a simple test entry screen)
  5. Enter suggested changes, e.g. model, size, serial number (if appropriate)
  6. Click submit and pay the fee
  7. Print a completed test report for the customer (optional)

Redefine the Paperwork

Enter test results in the field using a tablet with a WiFi connection or a smartphone. Upload them in the field or wait until you are back in the office, or continue using paper in the field and submit them online when you are back in the office.

The website will track your submitted tests; you will no longer have to contact the utility to find out if your tests have been received. The website confirmation number is all you need to confirm the tests have been uploaded to the utility.

Getting Started

  • Use your utility assigned username and password to log into the utility website.
  • Enter your tests, submit them to the utility and print completed test reports for your customers.
  • Testers can opt to establish an account and preload an amount into that account. The test fees would be deducted from this amount and would not be subject to any transaction fees in addition to the standard $1 per test fee.

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