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Start Service with Covington Water District

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  2. 18631 SE 300th Place 

    Covington, WA 98042

    Phone: 253-631-0565 

    Fax: 253-630-4825

  3. Start Service with Covington Water District

  4. All Covington Water District accounts are required to be in the name of the legal property owner.

     If you have bought a home in the Covington Water District, please provide the following information so we can open your account. This form can be completed online or send this completed form to the District via email to Customer Service. Your service will start when the sale is recorded with King County. At that time a $25 account setup fee will be applied to your first billing for starting service. 

     Covington Water District customers are billed bimonthly. Payments are due 25 days after the bill date and if not paid, are subject to late fees. Payment must be received within 47 days or the water is turned off until paid in full (including all fees). For additional information regarding billing, rates, and payment options please visit  Customer Service | Covington Water District, WA

     Many new owners are not aware that, unlike other utilities, water charges are associated with the property rather than with the person who incurs the charge. What this means is that property ownership is transferred along with any unpaid balance to the new owner. The District does prepare a final bill for the previous owner. However, if the previous owner does not pay the final bill, the balance will transfer to the new owner after 60 days.



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