Water Loss Can Be Costly

Here's a simple way to determine if you have water loss:

  1. Turn off all faucets and water using appliances in and around your house.
  2. Locate the water meter and lift the cover to view the meter.
  3. Verify the meter number on the lid of the meter to make sure you are looking at the right meter (the meter number will be listed on your billing statement.
  4. Lift the meter lid to view the meter register
  5. Locate the small blue wheel (low flow indicator) on the meter. Note the position of the larger pointed end.
  6. Turn off all the water at the property. You may see movement immediately if you have a large amount of water loss.
  7. If your don't see the blue wheel moving, continue to focus on it for several minutes to make Sure there is not a small amount of water loss.

Water Meter Cover

Water Meter Box

Water Meter

Water Meter

Low Flow Indicator

Low Flow Valve