Water Responsibility

From source to tap, a partnership exists between the District and its customers, one which carries a responsibility for each along the delivery system. The purpose of this article and picture below is to call to attention where the lines of responsibility begin and end.

District Responsibility

The District is responsible for water quality, maintenance and operation of the system from the source of supply to the end of the distribution network. The distribution network ends at the point where the water meter connects to the residential service line.
Household Water Schematic

Customer Responsibility

The responsibility for water usage shifts from the District to the customer once the water has passed through the meter and entered the customer service line. To comply with its water quality responsibilities, the District may also require a property to install a backflow prevention assembly on the property side of the meter. The assembly helps the homeowner meet its obligation of not cross-connecting a non-potable source of water with the District's potable supply.