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Determination of Nonsignificance (DNS)

Description of Proposal:  Tank 1 Replacement project. Construct a new 6 million gallon (nominal) 128-foot-tall water tank and demolish two existing water tanks, a small house and a barn. Includes the installation of a new fuel station.

Proponent:  Covington Water District

Project Location:  Main Project Parcels include: 0621069127 and 0621069149 (Covington WD HQ & existing reservoirs and fuel station demolition and new construction); 0621069073 (proposed site for 6 million gallon reservoir); 0621069221 (bioretention pond site and barn demolition); 0621069212 (building demolition): T 21N, R 6E, Section 6 for all sites.

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The posted DNS content above will expire October 15th, 2021.